'Nicer in Newtown'? If you like bloody rampages and lies, maybe

Updated: May 26, 2020

Yes, Peter Manfredonia does indeed have deep ties to Newtown. Let's take a look at them and a hard look at what's going on here in this town and beyond.

Another 20-something Sandy Hook kid goes on a bloody killing spree? Is there something in Newtown’s water supply that I don’t know about? Is there something about Sandy Hook’s unique zip code - 06482 - that makes it become so much more accomplished in the killing-spree and weird, death-centered department than other American towns? When young people of a certain age in Sandy Hook hear our “Be Kind” town mantra, does it trigger them to apparently do things like lower a machete into the skull of a nice Connecticut woodworker and then hack off his arm in broad daylight, not to mention hacking up another older gentleman before killing a friend and abducting a young woman?

Why do so many Newtown Facebook groups and such continuously trumpet the ‘Nicer in Newtown’ phrase? Do they mean it’s nicer in Newtown because at least the killing sprees perpetrated by our homegrown young people are now happening outside of town and not at one of our elementary schools? I guess we can be thankful Peter Manfredonia - a product of our sensitivity-centered, anti-violence town with probably the best supply of mental health services for youngsters on the planet - chose to drive off to another town and then another state after stealing a heavy supply of guns and driving off in a stolen car after hacking up a few people.

Peter Manfredonia is still at-large and running from the law, wanted in connection to multiple murders, kidnapping and carjackings across Connecticut and New Jersey last weekend.

The press reports that Peter has strong ties to the Newtown community and for those in-the-know within Newtown - boy, is that an understatement. Although his Newtown family paraded their lawyer out to the microphones yesterday to plead with Peter wherever he is to turn himself in - the family sure didn’t want to show their faces in front of the cameras or even reveal who they are. Understandable, of course, given the extent of the bloody carnage left in Peter’s path. But why is there little to no mention in the media (even in articles titled “Who is Peter Manfredonia?”) about other Manfredonia family members who live in Newtown and have landed on the news news radar in various significant (and usually sordid or suspicious) ways in past years? Today's media revelation that Peter's father is Robert Manfredonia who was arrested last month on charges of second-degree sexual assault, risk of injury to a minor and sale/delivery of liquor to a minor - is certainly late-coming considering the magnitude of Peter's alleged killing spree and subsequent fleeing with a gaggle of firearms. (But more on Robert in a bit...)

Let’s first take a look at the most notable members of the Manfredonia family in Newtown:

'The Newtown High School Former Principal' Manfredonia

We know one of the biggest Manfredonia players in town is William “Bill” Manfredonia - long-time, former principal at Newtown High School who was actually principal at NHS when I graduated in 1990 and who serves the Newtown power base with his various assignments on committees such as the Newtown Community Center Committee assigned to handle the delivery of a community center within Newtown’s old insane asylum campus known as Fairfield Hills. (More on that macabre connection in an upcoming post. … P.S. - you might not want to take your kids swimming there anymore.) The construction of the just-opened community center was paid for by a $15 million town “gift” from the GE company who wanted to cheer us up here in Newtown after being so terrorized on Dec. 14, 2012. Bill Manfredonia is also a member of the St. Rose of Lima Catholic church in Newtown, is listed as a director at the Newtown Youth Academy, is reported to be the Chief Counselor in the Knights of Columbus in town and likely holds other such positions of influence in town that I either don’t know about or that didn’t show up in a Google search. But to put it bluntly, the man is an influential mover and shaker in Newtown.

Although I have since abandoned an exploration into joining Newtown’s St. Rose parish and converting to Catholicism for reasons I might get into in future posts, I ran into Bill Manfredonia last November at St. Rose after my viral encounter with Beto O’Rourke and subsequent rapid eye-opening about how the world really works. I approached Mr. Manfredonia, trying to suppress most of my obvious disdain for a man I am sure knows much of the behind-the-curtain truth about what really goes on in Newtown. This is how our little conversation went down to my recollection:

“Hi, Mr. Manfredonia. Do you remember me?” I said to him on that recent November day near the inside entrance of St. Rose.

“No, I’m sorry. I don’t,” he replied. (Oh, really because we sat on the Community Center Committee together just last year and I was also a fairly high-profile student of yours at Newtown High School between 1987-1990 when I covered the marching-band/athletics debacle for the student newspaper at the time - a pretty big event during the Joe Grasso era that made local and state news. But, okay, Mr. Manfredonia, whatever you say.)

I then informed him of my identity and said:

“Well I know you…. I know SO MUCH about you, Mr. Manfredonia.”

But that’s enough about Bill for now. I will write more about Bill and a significant promise he made (but hasn't kept) to NHS students about the young Matthew Hunt another day. We have more exciting Manfredonias to take a gander at now in terms of bloody intrigue and such.

'The Guy in Camo Pants Outside Sandy Hook School' Manfredonia

Up for prime consideration is the interesting physical and situational proximity of the Manfredonia family to the Lanza family who lived on Yogananda street in Sandy Hook. (Although I am focusing on camo-pants guy Chris Manfredonia in this paragraph, I will highlight Robert Manfredonia next, who is the reported father of Peter, the current target of this cross-state manhunt.)

Some might recall that it was Chris Manfredonia who was reportedly sidelined by police a short distance from Sandy Hook Elementary School on the morning of 12/14 after reportedly arriving at the school about the same time as Adam Lanza to make gingerbread houses with his daughter and said he then heard gunshots and smelled sulfur. Details of how and why Chris was “detained” by police (and strangely interrogated while sitting in the FRONT SEAT of a police cruiser and quickly "cleared") are entirely muddied and varied, ranging from “he was running around the perimeter of the school to try and get in and save his daughter” (then why didn’t he just go through the shot-out front doors where he must have been headed anyway?) - to “he was running away from the school through the woods and wearing camo pants and a black jacket”. The man sitting in the front of the police cruiser identified as Chris Manfredonia, felt the need to yell, “I didn’t do it” to nearby parents and residents, according to eyewitness reports.

As the story goes in the mainstream press, Chris (now 48 years old) of 35 Charter Ridge Drive (located almost directly behind Adam Lanza’s 36 Yogananda Street home through a small patch of woods) - was driving to SHES that morning at about the same time as Adam lanza so he could make gingerbread houses with his six-year-old daughter in Ms. Roig’s class (the teacher who amazingly locked police out of the tiny kid-bathroom in her classroom and told them to go get the key if they were really police). Wow. Imagine that. A bathroom for first-graders that allows the little kids to lock themselves in the bathroom if they want. Amazing. I’ve worked as a public school teacher and I couldn’t possibly think of a more dangerous scenario and incredible liability than putting locks on the insides of first-grade bathrooms so the kids can invariably lock themselves in and any adult out. But okay…. I can see how it adds a dramatic effect even though it is nonsensical and entirely unbelievable.

'The Child Sex-Assaulting, Booze-Pushing-on-Minors' Manfredonia

Yes, just when you think the Manfredonia pedigree couldn’t get any more primo, we find 54-year-old Robert Manfredonia (father of the current manhunt, Peter Manfredonia) - who was arrested last April 10 and 11 on charges of second-degree sexual assault, risk of injury to a child and a “sale/ delivery of liquid to a minor/ drunkard” charge. And, coincidentally, Peter grew up in his parents’ house on … yes, you guessed it …..Yoganada Street where Adam Lanza lived and where Chris Manfredonia had a house directly behind Lanza on Charter Ridge Drive. Wow. Just look at all of the Manfredonias piling up as neighbors to Adam Lanza. Do you think they ever had barbecues together? Block parties, maybe?

Robert Manfredonia, father of murder suspect Peter Manfredonia was was arrested on charges of second-degree sexual assault, risk of injury to a child, and sale/delivery of liquor to a minor.

It’s simply amazing because I read about this recent arrest of Robert Manfredonia last month in the local Voices newspaper, but couldn’t find Robert’s child molestation arrest mentioned anywhere in online police reports on the websites of The Newtown Bee, Danbury News-Times or Southbury’s Voices newspaper (except for a possible blurb buried behind a pay wall). There was only this little printed item in Voices (see below pic) and no mug shot photo either.

(*Note: When I visited Newtown’s Eversource branch last January to ask that the ‘smart’ meter be removed from my home due to health concerns for my family and was subsequently arrested for the first time in my life and charged with criminal trespass just for sitting calmly in a waiting area for three hours reading a book, The Danbury News-Times and Newtown Patch had no problem running a huge mug shot of me (well-crafted by the Newtown police to try and make me look like the biggest nutball possible on the planet. Kudos, Newtown Police. Well played, indeed.)

Oh, but Newtown resident Robert Manfredonia gets arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor and pushing booze on the kid, and no online mention in the local papers? No mass-email blast with a big mug shot of him by The Patch? Just the littlest peep inside the free Voices newspaper delivered to our mailboxes that nobody even reads unless you’re over 80 and looking for the local Bingo game listings? Okay…. Must be nice to have the name Manfredonia in this town and be treated so kindly by local media. I wonder why…..hmmmmm??? Anyway, back to the matter at hand...

'The Psycho, Blood-Thirsty, Machete- and Gun-Wielding' Manfredonia?

Well, if we are to believe the mainstream media reports (which might make you a candidate for mental impairment) - the latest Manfredonia flavor of the month is somewhere near the Poconos on the road after an Uber dropped him off in a remote, Pennsylvania locale. He is heavily armed and according to law enforcement, he’s “likely to kill again”. It’s amazing how police can just read people’s minds like that. How can they read Peter's mind but not read his location off the tracking/ID detector from his cell phone that he must have used to reportedly request an Uber that apparently picked him up and drove him somewhere in the Pennsylvania Poconos? Wouldn’t easily tracking Peter's location from his cell phone usage be a most-effective way to locate him? Too bad all of the mainstream media "journalists" covering this story can't think to ask that obvious question to police.

So, this 23-year-old Peter Manfredonia - a football star who graduated from Newtown High School in 2015 and who is now a senior studying mechanical engineering at UConn in Storrs - is also (according to his social media postings) - quite the avid Social Justice Warrior, running marathons for Sandy Hook Promise in order to aid their fight against gun violence. He also frequently posted about spreading love, not hate. And the car he fled away in after reportedly hacking apart two older gentlemen with some machete-like weapon, displayed a Sandy Hook tribute sticker. Bad PR for the ‘Nicer in Newtown’, “We Are Sandy Hook, We Choose Love”, “Be Kind” marketing initiatives to try and make you forget all of the lunatic evil that goes on in this town. Helle Crafts woodchipper murder, anyone? The Coen brothers seemed to like that one and used it to inspire the famous woodchipper scene in 'Fargo'. Maybe they can do another Newtown/Sandy Hook-inspired blockbuster about an MK-ULTRA experiment gone rogue in a spook-central town while weaving in elements of Satanic ritual intrigue? I can’t wait. Now that’s true Newtown! Does anyone have any good footage of the underground tunnels at Fairfield Hills where they used to transport corpses after labotomy-gone-bad experiments that we can send to the Coen brothers for inspiration?

Peter Manfredonia reportedly ran in triathalons to raise money for groups like 'Sandy Hook Promise'.

I can hardly wait to watch today’s Peter Manfredonia “press” conference when they try and further weave their tale of bloody intrigue and cover up for all of their storyline blunders so far. Too bad Peter had to grab a bunch of guns too. Couldn’t he have just stuck with the vague, sharp-edged weapon he used to supposedly hack apart the nice woodworker in northeast Connecticut? A fine, well-bred Sandy Hook kid with shotguns and such and a reported thurst for blood is tough to pull off within the popular constraints of the anti-gun agenda. He isn’t a conservative, hillbilly type from West Virginia that the press and their controllers like to see go on a gun-toting, killing spree to further market their "confiscate all guns" agenda. He’s a sensitivity-trained, choose-peace, Nicer-in-Newtown, product of the Newtown public schools system who was given all of the mental health opportunities money and privilege within the richest county in the country could award. I suppose they could go with the “he was so anguished by the Sandy Hook tragedy” narrative angle and then make an even greater push against gun ownership by good Americans in this country. Although I bet that nice woodworker who had his head and leg chopped and his arm hacked off would have been better off if he had a gun to defend himself against the supposed machete-wielding Peter.

Can’t wait to see how Newtown’s latest Main Stage theatrical presentation continues to unfold. Is Netflix producing this one or is it another DHS vehicle? I wonder what the real story is behind this latest well-spun tale? Some of it might be true, I suppose. Oh how the 'powers that be' love to mix truth with lies and really muddy the water so no one can ever tell what in the heck happened. Perhaps Peter had talked about what he likely knows about Sandy Hook to certain people and things needed to be "cleaned up" so to speak. Or maybe he said he was going to spill the beans about Sandy Hook and is in now facing the consequences of his threat? It is unlikely we will ever hear another word out of Peter Manfredonia. Or maybe he is just really disturbed for whatever reason or was involved in some twisted, love-triangle gone awry? Who knows. We'll probably never know the truth of this Peter Manfredonia saga. And we sure as heck aren't going to hear the truth coming out of the same controlled media, legislators, police (fill in the obvious rest of the list here) - who delivered to us the last Hollywood-quality production spawned from Sandy Hook.

P.S. - To the hired spook who hangs out here on my little blog.... Do what you need to do to get your little monthly checks from Langley or wherever. You don’t phase me. And anyone who would fall for your pathetic fumblings to misdirect and discredit wouldn’t make it past the second paragraph of this post no less the comments section, so don't waste your time. And maybe try a new line of work. How about aiming towards the good instead of the bad?

That goes for everyone out there with first-hand knowledge of all this deception and corruption within Newtown and beyond. Blow the whistle. Do it before it’s too late. That goes for everyone who is complicit in the continuous lies that chip away at the liberty, truth and goodness that serve as the foundation to this great country and to all of humankind. I don’t care how much money they give you, how much they threaten you and how much they tell you ‘this is for the good of the country’. Stop it. Stand up and speak up. Open your windows and yell, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” Go into the streets and demand your freedom. Hug your family and neighbors and friends. Go to the parks and playgrounds and have picnics. Live free and pursue the happiness that our Constitution awards to every man, woman and child in this country.

This episode with Peter Manfredonia is a festering wound on the lie of Sandy Hook. It is a symptom of all of the deceit and manipulation by fear that descends on our heads every day by the power and financial elite and those that do their bidding. Yes, the top-tier, billionaire/trillionaire controllers that simply think they’re better than us and who threaten us to “behave” or else they will make things even worse so that we can’t even remember what real life, liberty and happiness looks like, no less feels like.

“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” - Thomas Jefferson.

Rebecca Carnes (a.k.a. 'Newtown Rooster') can be reached at NewtownRooster1990@gmail.com.

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